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So you want some expert help on building a Web Page?  I'm just the guy to tell you where to go. I've only started making Web Pages since this past March of 1998, so you KNOW I havn't got all the answers, (YET) but know where to send you.

First thing is to know where these places are, and they will help you along your chosin path.

If you are using AOL, they have a great site at: Keyword: PP2, for Personal Publisher , Goto it and read what they tell you, and BINGO, you'll have a page up and running in no time at all. They will allow you 2 Megs of space (FREE)for your Web pages. Ofcourse, like the others, they're going to try to get you to STEP UP  to more space for a fee. That's great if you have the bucks, but I don't.


If you want more space you may chose to goto a couple of other places I use, and they also teach you how to build pages and give you (FREE) a lot more Web space are:

1-    -Allows you 11 megs of space.

2- Tripod -Allows you 11 megs of space.

3- FORTUNE CITY- Allows you 20 megs of space.

4- ANGELFIRE - Allows you 5 megs of space.

5-  -Allows you 12 megs of space.

There are MANY MORE out there. You just have to look for them

Here are some helpful sites;


    2- Web Animation Online


Will be adding more later...As Martha S. would say, "This is a Good thing".

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Last Updated March 3, 2005