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On this page you will find the Awards that people have taken the time to send me for my Web Pages. I am taking this moment to THANK these special people for these HONORS, because I am truly Honored to receive them. I have linked the ones possible, so you may visit them as well.

Thanks again for these AWARDS.



                                    MY FIRST AWARD !                                    

 Presented to me on 31 MARCH 1998

Received on 15 April 1998

These two awards 

were received on July 23, 1998

from Laura and Veterans for a Change.

Received this Award on Oct. 24, 1998

Received Oct. 26, 1998

Received Oct. 27, 1998



Received these Oct. 30, 1998

Received on Jan. 2, 1999

Received on March 15, 1999

Extra Honor is to be the 1st to ever receive this Award. Thanks

Received on July 2, 1999

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