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Doc's Grandparents - Manning - Page 1


Fredrick Thomas Manning

Sept. 1, 1867 / Sept. 5, 1927


Here is my Great Aunt Clara Dunning Price, Grandparents;

Herman and Mabel Dunning Manning

(He seems to have something funny on his head. Maybe a Monkey of some kind)


Great Aunt Gertudude D. Brown with sister Grandmother Mabel.

They worked at Cordory Rubber Co. in Muskegon, MI.

(Does anyone know what kind of car that is?)


Grandmother Mabel with brother-in-law George Manning.


My grandmother Mabel again with two

unknown young ladies.

Manning Descendants

Dunning Descendants

Coggin Descendants

Murfee Descendants

Dandridge Descendants

Holland Descendants

Page 1

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